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Hutch is weer in beeld........ check;

December Newsletter from HutchBMX.com

As many of you wait patiently for your cranks and stems, I'd like to take a
moment to share the process and provide an update. A couple weeks ago I
received the first 10 sets of cranks arms. They look awesome!...but on
closer inspection I found that the spindle fit a little too tight for my
liking. The most appropriate method to address this was to send them back.
The good news is that although the fix is relatively easy, the logistics
does set the schedule back 4-6 weeks. However, the good news is that the
next shipment I receive should include 21 sets of cranks rather than just
the initial 10 sets. This delay is not all bad. The first chrome-plated
Aerospeed Disc sample was good, but I saw room for improvement. The extra
time allowed me to find a different local chrome shop that could provide a
better quality chrome.so the end result will also be a better product. As
some of you have requested, yes, Aerospeed Disc's will be offered for sale
on an individual basis once the first sets of cranks are finished.

I originally anticipated stems being quicker to finish than the cranks, but
the reality was that because the Aerospeed Disc and stems are all made from
the same 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum, anodizing for both those parts needed to
go hand-in-hand. I also created my own schedule setback when I determined
that the quality (more specifically, the consistency of depth and
appearance) of the stamped Hutch logo into the stems was not to my liking. I
will instead implement a laser-etched logo. Please understand that I am
working to get cranks and stems finalized and shipped as my first priority,
before releasing any new product. I appreciate your patience, but assure you
it will result in better quality.

I am working to assemble component pieces for frames and forks also. I
received my first batch of 100 custom-made head tubes (no off-the-shelf
stuff for Hutch!), which includes 50 with tab mounts for the Trick Star, and
50 without tab mounts for race frames. My looptails are being bent by the
same company that bent stays for one of the highest-regarded American-made
brands of the early 80's and they are still in business as a bender. The
last item to source will be the laser-cut dropouts/gussets/etc. When the
dropouts arrive, I plan to custom-engrave serial numbers into the dropouts
on my own CNC machines. This does create the possibility of custom serial
numbers such as having your name if you so desire, and also custom powder
colors. But unfortunately, the only way to do this would be to go back to
the "pre-sales" method, and for obvious reasons I would prefer to avoid that
as much as most people would too. Therefore, frames will be offered for sale
only after they are completed, and will include standardized serial numbers
and colors. A sale date will be announced via the HutchBMX.com Newsletter
e-mail when they will go online, and I'm hoping for early spring.

New replacement 4140 chromoly pedal spindles have been shipped to all of
those who bought 4140 pedals from HutchBMX.com, other authorized dealers, or
who have contacted me directly. If you did not receive your replacement
pedals and feel you need a set, please e-mail me at John@HutchBMX.com and it
would be helpful if you could tell me where you purchased them. The new
spindles have been tested to perform to the expected quality, and I have
confidence in them being the best they could be. When switching suppliers, I
did take the opportunity to order mini pedal spindles, so look for Hutch
Mini pedals as being an option in the next few months. Like the Pro size
pedals, Hutch Mini pedals are designed for competition use only; and by
riders 13 years and older who want the ultimate non-clip pedal. While I will
blunt the teeth on the cages to reduce the sharpness, safety pants with
protective padding should always be worn.

I received many of the old pedal spindles back, and to those who sent them I
do appreciate it. You also received a generous coupon code to HutchBMX.com
in appreciation. To those who have not yet sent old spindles back, please
note that the coupon code is valid for 6 months, so the sooner you send
those back, the more time you will have to consider its use. I assure you,
the coupon code has more value than any speculation of keeping old product.
Please help me make Hutch pedals the best they can be by sending your old
spindles back. Thank you.

Hubs are also an item that will appear in the next few months. Most of the
parts are already machined, including the Ti axles, but this is a product
that is put on hold until the cranks and stems have shipped. Rebuild kits
for vintage-original hubs that include Ti axles, locking collars, and nuts
will be available separately too.

International buyers: the dollar is currently weak, and now is a great time
to buy American products. This is evident by my strong sales to many
international customers. Brazil is currently considering retaliatory import
duties of 100% on US goods by January 2010, so those from Brazil who have
recently purchased from HutchBMX.com may want to consider that for future

Although it's been several months since the previous Newsletter e-mail, this
is in-light of the fact that many of you have sent me e-mails looking for
updates.which I have done my best to respond to. If I missed anything or you
have any questions, feel free to e-mail me direct at John@HutchBMX.com and
if possible, please include your order number. And finally, I'd like to wish
everyone a very healthy, happy, and safe holiday season for you and your
family. Thank you!
This email address was given to us by you or by one of our customers. If you
feel that you have received this email in error, please send an email to

Mike Janssen
Check www.bmxmuseum.nl and become member of our and your OS BMX dreams!

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